About Us

Contribute to responding to the trend of BIM application in the construction industry

Provide the most optimal BIM/CIM solution for customers.

We launched KO.SO in Da Nang, Vietnam in June 2022 with the desire to provide the best BIM/CIM solution for the Japanese construction industry. The founder has a management team with many years of experience working at a Japanese BIM/CIM production company.

The current Japanese construction industry is in a transitional period, starting to shift from the current construction scheme to BIM.

Therefore, we propose and propose the latest technology, and provide customers with high-quality solutions at competitive prices.

We at KO.SO are constantly searching for new solutions in order to deliver the highest satisfaction to our customers.

We at KO.SO believe that our mission and contribution is to promise to deliver the most efficient and optimal BIM/CIM solutions to our customers.

Core values

With the spirit of providing the best service to customers, KO.SO culture is reflected in 5 core values:

1. Satisfied:

KO.SO always values customers and takes customers as the center, puts customers’ interests and desires first, considers customer satisfaction as a measure of success.

2. Devotion:

KO.SO puts the word “heart” as one of the important foundations in business, we carry out the work entrusted to us by our customers with all our heart.

3. Responsibilities:

KO.SO always puts credibility first, always tries its best to ensure the right and higher than its commitments to customers and partners in terms of quality – service and progress

4. Enthusiasm:

KO.SO will challenge our customers’ difficulties while being conscious of enhancing our creativity. We are constantly searching for new solutions to deliver the highest satisfaction to our customers.

5. Honest:

KO.SO always values honesty, we are committed to providing customers with the most accurate and secure information.